The overarching purpose to humanise leadership informs all of Gianpiero’s leadership development work. The courses and workshops he designs and teaches build on the assumptions that (1) we learn to lead and follow through cycles of experience and reflection, and that (2) both our personal history and social context matter in determining if and when we get to lead–and how. Hence learning for leadership always needs to incorporate experience, make room for reflection, involve the whole person, and take their context fully into account. Ultimately, it needs to benefit individuals, their organisations, and society at large.

Gianpiero’s teaching builds upon his research on leadership and learning, which examines why humanising leadership matters, and how to do it, as well as what it takes for organisations, and how it will benefit them. Read more about the courses and workshops that bring his approach to life….

Management Acceleration Programme

Gianpiero is the director of the Management Acceleration Programme, INSEAD’s flagship programme for emerging leaders. The programme brings together functional experts whose success as leaders depends on understanding the business as a whole, being effective in cross-functional interactions, and influencing with or without formal authority. Participants hail from different sectors and all continents. The programme aims to broaden their business expertise, sharpen their strategic insight, and deepen their leadership development–paying attention to their personal as well as professional development.

You can read a magazine article about the programme philosophy and approach here, and watch alumni speak about their experience here, here, here, and here. Below is a video overview of the programme.

Company Specific Programmes

Gianpiero designs and directs leadership programmes for multinational companies in different sectors. These programmes usually pursue the dual aim of developing individual participants’ awareness and ability to lead in conditions of uncertainty, and of strengthening a leadership community within the organisation. Their design revolves around helping participants define and pursue what they–and their organisation–need to learn. And what they both might need to unlearn, as well, to change.

Below is a video about a suite of such programmes in collaboration with Schneider Electric, and one about Schneider managers’ experience in it. The collaboration received an EFMD award for excellence in the practice of executive development.

Executive Workshops

Alongside the longer programmes above, Gianpiero delivers shorter sessions in executive courses and workshops on the themes of responsible leadership, talent development, team effectiveness, and leading change. For his keynotes and masterclass, see the speaking page.

MBA – Value-based leadership for cosmopolitans

This course, required for all the INSEAD MBAs, focuses on the nature of leadership and the experience of leading, with a particular focus on the following question: What does it mean to lead responsibly? It examines what leading responsibly has meant historically, and considers how that might change in the context of the globally mobile lives and diverse organisations. This course earned him a nomination for the students’ Award for Best Core Course Teacher.

MBA – Leading People and Groups

For five years, Gianpiero taught the Leading People and Group core course in the INSEAD MBA. The course introduced participants to leadership development opportunities at the school, giving them the foundational concepts and skills to take advantage of them. This course earned him the students’ Award for Best Core Course Teacher.

INSEAD Initiative for Teaching Excellence and Learning Innovation

Beside pursuing excellence and innovation in learning his work, Gianpiero is dedicated to supporting both in every school and workplace. He is the founder and academic chair of the INSEAD initiative for Teaching Excellence and Learning Innovation (iLITE). The iLITE mission is to support INSEAD’s capability to provide transformative learning experiences through research, faculty development workshops, instructional coaching, and public engagement. Watch what we do here.