Gianpiero will facilitate two panels on “the mysteries of the mind,” and a dinner conversation with innovators and explorers at the Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 2018.

For future events, and reports of past events, see below

Future Events

To be announced.

Reports of past events

“The human future of business: hints for future gazers.” The BCG Henderson Institute reports on the 2017 House of Beautiful Business, where Gianpiero spoke about his work on humanising leadership.

“If you want gratitude, give people rewards. If you want loyalty, give them opportunities.” The Irish Times on Gianpiero’s keynote at the Great Place to Work Institute conference, Dublin, September 2017. By Jenni Duggan.

What does the gig economy mean for white collar workers? On a London Business School symposium, June 2017, where Gianpiero was a speaker. By Stefan Stern.

A Harvard Business Review Poland interview after Gianpiero’s leadership masterclass in Warsaw, May 2017.

What leadership means now. on Gianpiero’s keynote at its 2017 Fiduciary Investors Symposium. By Amanda White.

Nomadic leadership in a post-trust age. Re-locate magazine on Gianpiero’s keynote at the CIPD 2016 conference in Manchester. By Ruth Holmes.

The future of work and the value of learning. Highlights from Gianpiero’s interview at the CIPD 2016 conference.

It’s personal and it’s business. AdWorld on Gianpiero’s leadership masterclass at the Irish Management Institute, February 2015. By Sheena Horgan.